Recognition Culture in Higher Education. International Perspectives on Lifelong Learning and Student Mobility

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11-12 December 2023, Bonn, GSI Conference Centre


About the conference

An affirmative attitude towards mobility and permeability in higher education is an important requirement for supporting individual and flexible learning paths as well as intercultural learning experiences. Academic recognition is a helpful instrument for the strengthening of mobility as it facilitates international study exchange and transitions between degree programmes or higher education institutions (HEIs). Furthermore, recognition of prior learning (RPL) helps to open up the higher education system to new target groups and serves to improve equal opportunities and lifelong learning. Both academic recognition and RPL respond to diverse educational landscapes and the changing societal needs amidst socio-economic challenges of post-industrial societies, such as the shortage of skilled labour and the demographic change.

How can the shared objectives of student mobility and lifelong learning be transformed into a common culture of recognition? What are the challenges for higher education institutions in advancing recognition practices and which (new) concepts act as possible answers? These and further questions will be discussed on the international conference “Recognition Culture in Higher Education. International Perspectives on Lifelong Learning and Student Mobility” in Bonn, Germany, on 11-12 December 2023. The conference will focus on the requirements of a quality-assured and affirmative recognition culture in HEIs. Moreover, the participants will get the opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn from good practice examples.

Call for Contributions

We kindly invite you to actively participate in the conference by submitting a contribution along the three subject areas: Recognition Practices in HEIs, Lifelong Learning and Student Mobility. Although this conference emerges within the European Higher Education Area and thus focuses on European perspectives, we are highly interested in gaining and exchanging views from around the world. The detailed call and the form for submissions can be found here:

Call for Contributions

Please submit your proposal no later than 24 July 2023.

The conference programme and the possibility to register for the conference will follow here.


Call for Contributions
(Deadline: 24 July 2023)

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