HRK Modus - German Rectors' Conference, Enhancing student mobility across educational boundaries through recognition


Points of view

Proven experts discuss their views on recognition and recognition of prior learning.

  • In Praise of Prior Learning: An Authentic Learning Tool for Today’s World
    01.12.2023 from Dr. Dianne Conrad
    An insight into the potentials of recognition of prior learning as an authentic learning and assessment tool.
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  • Recognition of Prior Learning
    06.04.2022 from Prof. Patrick Werquin, PhD
    The dual meaning of recognition and the need of a new philosophy for promoting lifelong learning in higher education.
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  • The Austrian path to RPL
    29.11.2021 from Barbara Birke
    We continue our series of texts on recognition processes with a contribution from Austria.
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  • Recognition in Sweden – an overview
    08.11.2021 from Cecilia George
    We are starting a new series of texts on recognition processes in other countries. Our first spotlight is on Sweden.
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  • Authenticity – Fairness – Understanding
    02.08.2021 from Kees Kouwenaar
    Kees Kouwenaar looks beyond the formal aspects of the transferable qualifications and the subject-specific knowledge component of the qualification.
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The HRK’s MODUS Project

Enhancing student mobility across educational boundaries through recognition

The MODUS project aims to strengthen recognition and credit transfer practices at higher education institutions in order to promote mobility and permeability.

This includes both the recognition of higher education achievements and qualifications from home and abroad as well as the individual and blanket crediting of competences acquired outside of higher education in the higher education sector.

The project will work on three core areas until mid-2025:

  • Coordination and dissemination of common standards
  • Facilitating work through efficient procedures
  • Increased use of digital infrastructures, including testing of innovative pilot applications.

To support the higher education institutions, the project offers target group-oriented services for information and counselling, exchange and networking.
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