Videos of the MODUS project

  • What is the MODUS project about? A brief overview of the themes and measures of MODUS

  • International Conference on Recognition - Keynote on Lifelong Learning

“How does Recognition of Prior Learning Promote Lifelong Learning?”

  • International Conference on Recognition - Keynote on Quality Development

“Recognition of studies in Latin America: A work in progress”

  • International Conference on Recognition - Keynote on Student Mobility

“Student mobility and recognition post pandemic - a reality check and vision”

  • International Conference on Recognition - Keynote on Networks/Alliances

“Evolution of university missions to sustain excellence”


  • International Conference on Recognition - Roundtable

“Digital Dimension of International Recognition in HE - Status Quo and Future Developments”

  • International Conference on Recognition - Student's Perspective:

Presentation of the results of the Pre-Conference

Web Seminars of the MODUS project - in German language only

  • Web Seminar 1/3: „Anrechnung – Rechtlicher Rahmen“
    (Crediting - legal context)

  • Web Seminar 2/3: „Anrechnung – Gestaltung von Verfahren“
    (Crediting - Configuration of processes)

  • Web Seminar 3/3: „Anrechnung an Hochschulen – Inhaltliche Bewertung“
    (Crediting at universities - evaluation)

  • Web Seminar 1/3: „Anerkennung an Hochschulen – Rechtlicher Rahmen“
    (Recognition at Universities - legal context)

  • Web Seminar 2/3: „Anerkennung an Hochschulen – Gestaltung von Verfahren“
    (Recognition at Universities - Configuration of processes)

  • Webseminar 3/3: „Anerkennung an Hochschulen – Inhaltliche Bewertung und Noten“
    (Recognition at Universities - evaluation and grades)

  • Web Seminar: „Kompetenz-und Lernergebnisorientierung als Grundlage von Anerkennung und Anrechnung“
    (Competence and learning outcome as the basis for recognition and credit transfer)

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