HRK passed a resolution to enhance recognition in higher education

German universities promote mobility and permeability in the education system.


On the 10th of may 2022, the 33rd General Assembly of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) promoted mobility and permeability in the education system by passing a resolution concerning academic recognition and recognition of prior learning. The resolutions’ goal is to create an educational structure, in which competences acquired at work, at university or in other contexts can be recognised as easily as possible.

The paper addresses higher education institutions, the federal states and the federal government as well as non-university education stakeholders, who are requested to work together in order to improve credit transfer practices in Germany. In addition, the resolution emphasizes the need of a student-friendly manner as well as a stronger focus on competences and learning outcomes. In this way, it contributes to the permeability of the education system and promotes national and international mobility

The resolution was drafted within the framework HRK MODUS project and is based on the publication "Recognition: Challenges and Perspectives" (available in German online and in print via e-mail to modus-k(at)


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