Enhancing Recognition through Self-Assessment



  • Helene Peterbauer, European University Association, Europe/Belgium


Workshop participants will test a self-assessment methodology that is being developed as part of the Erasmus+ co-funded "Spotlight on recognition" project. The project aims to support staff at higher education institutions who are responsible for academic recognition by enhancing their capacities in terms of recognition procedures in compliance with the Lisbon Recognition Convention. The self-assessment is a formative tool for institutional staff involved with recognition to evaluate to which degree institutional practice is in line with the Convention and international good practice. The methodology allows institutional staff to

  • benchmark their institutional recognition procedures and processes;
  • assure and demonstrate that institutional recognition practice is fair and transparent, and serves the best interests of applicants, institutional staff as well as the institution itself;
  • identify actionable areas for improvement.
    The methodology can also serve as a tool for internal quality assurance.

Session structure:

  • 10 min introduction
    A short presentation of the methodology, covering how institutional staff are intended to apply it and the various sets of questions through which the self-assessment takes place, followed by an explanation of the activity to follow.  
  • 35 min discussion in two or three smaller breakout groups
    Each group is invited to designate a rapporteur and is given three sample questions. Participants are invited to compare the questions to provided extracts from the European Recognition Manual for Higher Education Institutions, and discuss the results. Group members should also discuss their understanding of the questions, whether reading the EAR-HEI manual extracts led to surprising insights, and potential challenges in answering the questions.
  • 15 min break
  • 20 min discussion in breakout groups
  • 25 min discussion on results
    Each rapporteur briefly summarises the discussions in their group. The session closes with a common discussion and the chance to provide more overarching feedback on the methodology.
Helene Peterbauer

Policy Analyst, European University Association, Europe/Belgium
Helene Peterbauer is a Policy and Project Officer at the European University Association's (EUA) Institutional Development unit, with a focus on recognition and learning and teaching.  Before joining EUA, she worked at the University of Vienna in Austria where, among other things, she figured as mobility coordinator dealing with research, student and staff mobility programmes, in particular through the ERASMUS+ programme. At EUA she has taken part in various projects in the field of academic recognition, such as the BFUG’s TPG-LRC project (2018-2021) and the ongoing EUA-coordinated and Erasmus+ co-funded “Spotlight on recognition" project.

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