International Conference on Recognition - Documentation

Day 1

Podium discussion
Creating a Culture of Global Recognition 
Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt, German Rectors' Conference
Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, African Research Universities Alliance
Katia Dolgova Dreyer, Council of Europe
Dr. Michaela Martin, UNESCO-International Institute for Educational Planning
Prof. Dr. Martin Paul, Ruhr University Bochum


A1 | Keynote on Lifelong Learning
How does Recognition of Prior Learning Promote Life Long Learning?
Prof. Patrick Werquin Ph.D., French Tertiary Education and Research Institute (CNAM), Paris


A2 | Workshop 45' | Lifelong Learning
How to Create a Mobile European LLL Culture by the Complementary Use of European Instruments such as RPL, Micro Credentials and the EQF
Christina Paulus, Marion Ramusch, Vladana Vidric, University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences Vienna

B2.1 | Presentation | Quality Development
Challenges and Solutions in Higher Education Recognition
Dr. Harun Serpil, Anadolu University; Mehmet Şengül, Council of Higher Education

B2.2 | Workshop 90' | Quality Development
Part 1 Enhancing Recognition through Self-Assessment
Helene Peterbauer, European University Association, Europe/Belgium 

C2.1 | Presentation | Student Mobility
International Mobility and the Recognition of Study Credits: Experiences before and during the Corona Pandemic
Dr. Susanne Wilking, German Academic Exchange Service

C2.2 | Presentation | Student Mobility
International Mobility and Recognition of Professionals with a Social Educational Qualification Earned Abroad - the Example of a Job-and Needs-oriented Adaptation Course
Dr. Tanja Ehmann, Prof. Dr. Meike Günther, Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin   

D2 | Panel Discussion | Networks/Alliances
The Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Mediterranean: Students Mobility and the Role of International Networks
Itaf Ben Abdallah, Union for the Mediterranean
Prof. Naouel Abdellatif Mami, Ph.D., Sétif 2 University
Rima Mattar, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Marcello Scalisi, Mediterranean Universities Union (Unimed)


A3 | Presentation | Lifelong Learning
The Recognition of Prior Learning in an Undergraduate Program in Informatics - Insights and Challenges
Prof. Dr. Uwe Elsholz, Hoai Nam Huynh, Prof. Dr. Jörg Desel
University of Hagen

B3 | Workshop 90' | Quality Development
Part 2 Enhancing Recognition through Self-Assessment
Helene Peterbauer, European University Association

C3 | Panel Discussion | Student Mobility
Peer-to-Peer Approaches towards an Effective and Sustainable Change in Internationalisation
Dr. Arnim Heinemann, University of Bayreuth
Ass. Prof. Nicolas Maillard, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Ass. Prof. José María Marbán Prieto, University of Valladolid

D3 | Workshop 45' | Networks/Alliances
Lessons Learnt from RUN-EU Network Regarding Recognition
Ass. Prof. Júlia Szőke Ph.D., Széchenyi István University


B4 | Keynote on Quality Development
Recognition of studies in Latin America: A work in progress
Mariá José Lemaitre, Inter-University Center for Development (CINDA)


A5 | Panel Discussion | Lifelong Learning
Nobody Should be Required to Study Something They Already Know! Insights from the Peer-Learning Project Recognition of Prior Learning in Practice
Cecilia George, Anders Ahlstrand, Swedish Council of Higher Education
Ina Dögg Eythorsdottir, ENIC/NARIC Iceland, University of Iceland

B5 | Workshop 45’ | Quality Development
Quality Assurance in the Service of International Student Mobility: the Case of Internships
Stéphanie Devèze-Delaunay, French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
Vianna Renaud, Bournemouth University

C5 | Presentation | Student Mobility
Platform for Inter*national Student Mobility (PIM) – From Project to Product
Dr. Janina Hantke, Gerald Lach, PIM/Technical University Berlin
Nina Wagenknecht, Dr. Wolfgang Radenbach, Georg-August-University Göttingen

D5| Panel discussion | Networks/Alliances
How a European University Alliance Stimulates Recognition & Mobility: the Case of Aurora
Kees Kouwenaar, Aurora - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Prof. Kai Hockerts, Copenhagen Business School
Anne-May Janssen, Aurora


Digital Dimension of International Recognition in HE - Status Quo and Future Developments
Tilman Dörr, German Rectors' Conference/MODUS
Dag Hovdhaugen, Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT), Norwegian ENIC-NARIC
Jenneke Lokhoff, Dutch Organisation for Internationalisation in Education (NUFFIC)/ ENIC-NARIC Networks
Nathanaël Poli, Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) at the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)

Day 2


C6 | Keynote on Student Mobility
Student mobility and recognition post-pandemic – a reality check and a vision
Irina Ferencz, Academic Cooperation Association of Universities


A7 | Workshop 90’ Part 1 | Lifelong Learning
Recognition of Prior Learning in Higher Education in Ireland & Europe: a Burden or a Benefit?
Grace Edge, Technological Higher Education Association, Ireland
Nora Trench Bowles, Irish Universities Association, Ireland

B7.1 | Panel Discussion | Quality Development
Life after Brexit: The UK Perspective on Enhancing Student Mobility
Eduardo Ramos, Universities UK International
Dr Alison Felce, Quality Assurance Agency for UK Higher Education
Diane Glautier, Staffordshire University

B7.2 | Roundtable | Quality Development
Regional Perspectives on International Recognition and Quality Assurance
Prof. Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay, Ph.D., ASEAN-QA Association/University of the Philippines 
Dr. Fabrizio Trifirò, Ecctis
Aurelija Valeikienė, Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), Lithuania
Chair: Dr. Peter A. Zervakis, German Rectors' Conference/MODUS

C7 | Panel Discussion | Student Mobility
Learnings and Challenges from 20 years of Double Degree Cooperations from International Perspectives
Prof. Michael Faustino Bauer, Berlin University of Economics and Law 
Dr. Matthew Bennet, Coventry Universitiy
Dr. Ana Yetano, Universidad de Zaragoza
Suvi Moll, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Larissa Amaral, Lina Sena, Universidade de Fortaleza

D7 | Presentation | Networks/Alliances
Joint Teaching – a Way to Recognition?
Dr. Nina Dasouqi, Dr. Michael Krüger, Ludwigsburg University of Education


A8 | Workshop 90’ Part 2 | Lifelong Learning
Recognition of Prior Learning in Higher Education in Ireland & Europe: a Burden or a Benefit?
Grace Edge, Technological Higher Education Association, Ireland
Nora Trench Bowles, Irish Universities Association, Ireland

B8 | Presentation | Quality Development
An Innovative Quality Assurance Approach to Improve the Recognition Climate for TNE Qualifications: the TNE Quality Benchmark Scheme
Dr. Fabrizio Trifiro, Ecctis

C8.1 | Presentation | Student Mobility
Driving the Mobility of Teacher Education Students through Innovative Approaches in Recognition Processes: Concept and Perspectives
Hanna Theele, Dr. Thomas Duttle, Europa-Universität Flensburg

C8.2 | Presentation | Student Mobility
Recognition and the Learning Agreement – Same, Same but Different?! Recognition in Student Mobility in the Context of Regulatory Requirements for Digitalization
Inga Christine Gerling, University of Hohenheim

D8 | Workshop 45’| Networks/Alliances
Semantic Standardization with XHEIE Credentials
Sebastian Sklarß, Oliver Budke, XHigherEducationInstitutionExchange


D9 | Keynote on Networks/Alliances
Evolution of university missions to sustain excellence
Prof. Michael Murphy, European University Association


14:30-15:15 (CET)

A10 | Presentation | Lifelong Learning
Good to Know – Defining the Framework for a Quality Assured Recognition of Micro Degrees and Micro Credentials
Prof. Dr. Elke Katharina Wittich, Leibniz University Hannover

B10 | Presentation | Quality Development
Equivalence Comparisons as a Basis for Quality-Assured Recognition of Vocational Learning Outcomes for Study Modules at German Universities
PD Dr. Wolfgang Müskens, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

C10 | Panel Discussion | Student Mobility
How to Make ECTS the “Easy Credit Transfer System”
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kreis, Jasmin Dieck, Alexander Nasarow, University Erlangen-Nuremberg

D10.1 | Workshop 45’ | Networks/Alliances
Recognition of Prior Learning - From Peer to Peer
Barbara Birke, Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria
Grace Edge, Technological Higher Education Association, Ireland
Pernilla Hultberg, University of Gothenburg

D10.2 | Lightning Panel
Physician Assistance – Perspectives and Boundaries for International Mobility
Prof. Dr. Nabeel Farhan, Ph.D., German University Association Physician Assistant/European University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Peter Heistermann, German University Association Physician Assistant/Fliedner University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Katharina Larisch, Ph.D., MD, European University of Applied Sciences


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Day 1: Nov 25 2021

Day 2: Nov 26 2021


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