Semantic Standardization with XHEIE Credentials


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  • Sebastian Sklarß, XHigherEducationInstitutionExchange
  • Oliver Budke, XHigherEducationInstitutionExchange


Have you ever wondered how students will be able to change their higher education institution without submitting a single sheet of paper? XHEIE credentials will therefore leverage interoperable systems. This workshop by the team of XHochschule (Link: will focus on semantic standardization. The specific credential with which participants will get a better understanding of student data exchange between higher education institution systems is still to be chosen.

XHEIE credentials are established for the media-consistent processing of future digital administrative services. To this end, a procedure that has been tried and tested in other standardisation projects is described as follows:
  1. A standardisation strategy is developed and coordinated
  2. The Standardisation requirements are formulated and submitted to the German IT Planning Council (33rd meeting)
  3. Together with higher education institutions, ministries of science of the federal states, manufacturers of specialised procedures and other stakeholders, the requirements for standardisation were collected in the project's internal ticket system.
  4. The processing of the requirement is provided iteratively in the form of a publicly accessible specification with PDF documentation and machine-processable files (XSD, XML).

The basis for this project is the Online Access Act (short: OZG), which came into force in August 2017. The OZG obliges all German public authorities and higher education institutions to digitally offer their administrative services to citizens and students by the end of 2022. These administrative services, which must be implemented by German higher education institutions, can be viewed on the OZG information platform.

Sebastian Sklarß

Project Manager, XHigherEducationInstitutionExchange
Sebastian Sklarß works at ]init[ AG - Services for the eSociety and is the project manager of XHochschule / XHEIE of the state of Saxony-Anhalt and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project's goal is to standardise student data exchange in the national higher education system so that the necessary interoperability between higher education institution systems can be established for the media-consistent processing of future digital administrative services.

Oliver Budke

Oliver Budke works at ]init[ AG,  a mid-sized company based in Berlin. He is the tech-lead of the initiative. XHigherEducationInstitutionExchange
XHochschule / is a joint initiative led by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the state of Saxony-Anhalt. It aims at creating a machine-readable set of harmonised evidence types facilitating the implementation of the so-called online access act (OZG). The diploma, diploma supplement transcript of records and the certificate of enrolment are examples of the evidence types that today highly differ from one higher education institution to another.

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