Joint Teaching – a Way to Recognition?



Presentation Dasouqi

Presentation Krüger

  • Dr. Nina Dasouqi, Ludwigsburg University of Education
  • Dr. Michael Krüger, Ludwigsburg University of Education


As part of the interationalisation strategy of  LUE two lighthouse projects are of particular interest in the context of Networks and Alliances. Both projects not only fit into but also highly enhance LUE’s internationalisation and digitisation strategy and major aspects of our ECHE.

International Education Management (INEMA) is an extra-occupational, blended learning study programme in cooperation between LUE and Helwan University in Cairo. Founded in 2010, all modules are taught by a co-teaching team of lecturers from Germany and Egypt. As known in joint degrees, the curriculum is involved in both universities making it possible to ensure full recognition. Since 2020, the study programme has further been complemented by the IDEN project, funded by BMBF and DAAD. The project aims at renewing online content of the blended learning format as well as to include part of the modules developed in other international partners' curriculum making it possible for students of partner universities and INEMA to study part of their online learning experiences in other international settings – once again with full recognition by developing content together with the international partners.

The INVITE project (International Networking for Virtually Improved Teacher Education) aims at enabling future teachers to act in a culturally sensitive way in increasingly diverse classrooms. The project is funded by BMBF and DAAD and brings together the expertise of all faculties at LUE.
By combining physical and virtual mobility of teacher training students the project meets individual needs of this target group. By building up an international network with partner universities and schools and offering shared curricula, LUE contributes to a globalised knowledge society and encourages lifelong learning.

Both projects will thereby present partner-based approaches of co-designing teaching/curriculum development to make recognition in international context possible.

Dr. Nina Dasouqi

Project Coordinator INVITE, Ludwigsburg University of Education
Dr. Nina Dasouqi coordinates the INVITE project at Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE). Besides she works as lecturer in Intercultural Communication and as a coach and trainer for digitisation projects in SMEs. Her international career allowed her to develop a global mindset. With the INVITE project she aims at supporting the development of intercultural and digital skills among teacher training students and at fostering the network of partner universities and partner schools of LUE.

Dr. Michael Krüger

Program coordinator INEMA, project leader IDEN, Ludwigsburg University of Education/International Education Management and Leadership (Germany)

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